Contact Information & FAQ

For complete fishing information contact these organizations capable of answering all of your questions, so you can plan the ultimate Cherokee fishing experience:

Fisheries & Wildlife Management
1840 Painttown Rd
Cherokee, NC 28719

Cherokee Welcome Center
P. O. Box 460
Cherokee, NC 28719 1-800-438-1601 or (828)497-9195

Resource Enforcement

954 Straight Fork Rd.
Cherokee, NC 28719


Where will I find the big fish?

The largest fish will be browns and the newly introduced Donaldson trout. Don’t ignore pool pockets where water runs fairly fast, but since browns prefer slow moving water, the larger fish will be found in pools.

Do I need waders in order to fly fish?

Fly fishers are often seen in waders, which keep them warm and dry and can provide a good grip under foot. However, in the summer months, our waters are warm enough (in the 60º range) that wading in shorts can be very pleasant.

In the spring, how early can I expect to start catching trout?

Brook trout commonly feed on or near the surface at 40º water temperature, so you can fish year-round. Rainbows and browns get active at 45º and above.

How late in the year can I expect to catch trout?

The colder the water is the more sluggish the trout become. Since trout spawn in October, that would be a good time to enjoy the catch and release section of Raven Fork, and take the pressure off the other streams.